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Augustine. "They left here and we are on mutually very good terms," Wuellner said in an email to The Record. "As we have been led to believe, their departure to JAX was more of a change in business strategy than anything to do with St. Augustine. "Frontier has a long and storied history of entering and leaving markets/airports. If you look at their recent actions, they have restarted service in markets they left a short while ago. I wouldn’t count us out entirely, when the full-cost of doing business at JAX finally hits their bottom line … who knows what could happen." Frontier representatives did not immediately respond to questions about NFRA. Regardless of whether Frontier decides to fly through NFRA, Wuellner said he's committed to exploring options on commercial airline service here. A small carrier, ViaAir, still operates twice-weekly flights to Charlotte, North Carolina, with continuing service to Beckley, West Virginia, and Parkersburg, West Virginia. "We continue to market this community to other carriers," Wuellner said. "We are very hopeful that we may have an additional carrier announcement soon." While a carrier the size of ViaAir seems like a good fit for NFRA, Wuellner pointed out that Frontier did well here with large planes. He said there was never a big problem getting customers. The company was just able to make more money on other routes.

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